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BARDEN is the dream to make the ultimate expression of Santa Barbara County grapes grown in the Sta.
Rita Hills AVA. Our access to the top vineyards along with the philosophy and knowledge I’ve gained over
my thirty years in the wine business allows attempting to make world-class wines. The BARDEN brand is
my middle name and its English meaning is “Lives near the boar's den” … thusly we have adorned the label
with an image of the wild boar that is pervasive in the Sta. Rita Hills.


Barden Chardonnay. Apart but together again. Ours is a path less taken, an assemblage of noble places, temptresses and impossible loves.

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Barden Fonte is a collection of rambling memories assembled to reflect the image we imagined it would be.  A Fonte is fountain or spring

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Barden Syrah is shaped and sculptured. Its drapes reveal dark rooms full of the unknown; frightenly sinister, packed, and powerful. Syrah is our blood-right and our passion; we realize we are on the road to madness.

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Barden Pinot Noir is formed so as to touch the heart, mind, body and soul. It’s wrapped in a cloak of mystery, lightly adorned, and respected. Ours is a swirling worldly vision, moody but aware. We dared and entered this world with trepidation. Pinot Noir is fiend-ishly complex; we realize we are on the road to madness.

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